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Person Sort Occupation Installments By Sort
Aamodt, Kim Writer 3
Abadzis, Nick Artist; Cartoonist; Writer 37
Abbey, Janet Poet 1
Abbotts, Carla Writer 0
Abe, Yousuke Cartoonist 6
Abel, Jack Inker (Artist); Penciler (Artist) 3
Abel, Jessica 8
Abrams, Simon 5
Adams, Ben Editor; Writer 1
Adams, John Cartoonist 1
Adams, Neal Artist; Cartoonist 5
Adkins, Lieuen Artist; Poet 6
Aji-ichi Artist; Writer 1
Alaniz, Jose Professor; Researcher; Teacher; Writer 23
Alascia, Vince Artist; Inker (Artist); Penciler (Artist); Writer 6
Albright, Nina Illustrator; Writer 1
Alderman, Jack Inker (Artist); Penciler (Artist) 26
Alexander, Sam Writer 1
Alfred, Newt Artist; Writer 1
Allan, Doug Artist; Writer 3
Allen, Christopher 2
Allen, Doug Artist; Cartoonist; Musician 7
Allen, Pat Writer 2
Allison, William Merle Artist 3
Allred, Laura Colorist (Artist) 1
Allred, Mike Artist 0
Alroy, Michael 1
Altergott, Rick Cartoonist 18
Altman, Gerald Inker (Artist); Penciler (Artist) 6
Ames, Lee Judah Artist; Inker (Artist); Penciler (Artist) 0
Anderson, Allen Gustav Artist; Inker (Artist); Penciler (Artist) 1
Anderson, Brent 1
Anderson, Darrel 10
Anderson, Harry Artist; Cartoonist 13
Anderson, HoChe Cartoonist; Writer 7
Anderson, Michael Cartoonist 2
Anderson, Murphy Artist; Cartoonist 2
Anderson, Sheridan Cartoonist; Fisherman; Writer 5
Andersson, Max Cartoonist 1
Andreas, Joel Cartoonist; Social activist; Sociologist; Teacher; Writer 26
Andriola, Alfred Cartoonist 5
Andru, Ross Cartoonist; Editor 13
Angell, Brad Artist 2
Anker, Steve Writer 1
Aragonés, Sergio Cartoonist 2
Arceneaux, Marc Artist; Inker (Artist); Penciler (Artist) 1
Arcudi, John Writer 1
Arenal, Jorge Cartoonist 1
Arlington, Gary Business owner; Cartoonist; Editor 5
Armitage, Starr 3