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Character Sort Description Sort Species Sort Gender Sort Installments Sort
5ply of Junkwaffel 4
8th Army of Miracle? 1
10th Corps of Miracle? 1
27th Division Captain of The Man Who Loved Cats 1
27th Division Lieutenant of The Man Who Loved Cats 1
27th Division Soldiers of The Man Who Loved Cats 1
151 of Cobalt 60 1
65716 of Who Dunnit? 2
Aaakus of Assignment Treason 1
Aaron of Wolverton Bible 1
Aaron Garnett of Sunshine Girl 1
Aaron Pitt of Snowy Owl 1
Aaron Scott of The Pit! 1
Aasta of Anybody's Guess! 1
Aba of Real Life Comics 1
Abaddon of The Man Who Stole Eternity 1
Abbadabba of The Dutchman Has Muscle 1
Abbess of Cerebus 2
Abbey Priest of The Face In The Moonstone 1
Abbot of Infinite Kung Fu 1
Abbott of True Comics 1
Abby Grant of Crime Does Not Pay 1
Abdul of normalman 1
Abdul of Checkered Demon 2
Abdul of Dagar Desert Hawk 1
Abdulla of Real Life Comics 1
Abe of Low Moon 1
Abe Chika of Anomal 3
Abe Faber of Crime Does Not Pay 1
Abe Hummel of The Ferret 1
Abe 'Kid' Reles of Crime Does Not Pay 1
Abel Barton of Buried Alive 1
Abel Grover of Spoiled 1
Abell of Bunker Hill! 1
Abigail of I Need You 1
Abigail Trent of The Whip Of Death 1
Abigail Welles of Corpse's Revenge 1
Abner of Kill! 1
Abner Cates of Solitary 1
Abner Gatthold of The Veiled Avenger 2
Abner Pfeister of Public Service! 1
Abner Strong of Lady Satan 1
Aborigines of The Mad White God Of Palm Island 1
Abraham of Wolverton Bible 1
Abraham Lincoln of Lincoln's Strange Vision 1
Abraham Lincoln of Real Life Comics 1
Abraham Lincoln of True Comics 10
Abraham Lincoln of ...For Us The Living 1